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Navigating the waters

Hope you like the new look! I have learned so much today about Google, Blogspot, Etsy, Zibbet, Picasa with regards to pictures, uploading, saving, slideshows, security and sharing and lots lots lots more! Enjoy the slideshow, it's something that I will update hopefully on a regular basis.

Yesteryear 1854!

There is no female accomplishment so universal as this of knitting...
Crochet work has arisen to the the dignity of an art...

Keep those hands busy :)

Busy busy busy as a bird

More fun then I can stand right now on Zibbet!

Mi Casa es Su Casa Treasury Enjoy!

Celebrating our diversity in homes.

Becoming an Etsy-ian

What's it like becoming an Etsy-ian you wonder? This last year has been jammed packed full of research, photography, scanning, planning, writing, juggling, making product, studing analytics, blogging, FB, editing, chatting, treasuring, hearting and more. The tasks seem endless. The way unclear. You get your shop looking the way you want it to today only to sit in a chat room and revise it the next. Then you sit back and analyze what you've done and wonder is this what the "Customer(s) want"? Unfortunately, there's no way to know until that order appears out of the mist!

I don't see trading in all this fun quite yet, I'm sure there are many more blogs and websites I can join or learn to use. Then there's the little detail of buying a new camera so all the pictures on Pamela's Patterns and The Pink Toadstool can be re-re-redone. All the while thinking what will I make today?

Bonnie Sax is in an Etsy Treasury

Thank you Kittie's Boutique!

Baby's First Blanket in an Etsy Treasury

I've lost the link but thank you RBOriginals!

Magic now in Limey-Purple Etsy Treasury

Thank you Sandy's Cape Code Originals on Etsy!

Alphabet now in an Etsy Treasury

Thank you Pajazzled on Etsy!

eBook of Pamela's Patterns

Have added a crochet book of patterns!