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Oh, well!  The caterer did not show up with my order of Lobster and Shrimp cocktails so I ditched dressing up, there's always next year.  Fun time for all and love the stories after the best from ET. 

Desperately going through my closet for what to wear Sunday!  The Sofa Globe deserves something new!!!! YIKES :)

My Special Thanks to Malcakes!

Saw her blogspot and the rest is history! I love running across folks who can teach me and boy did she ever! Visit her shop for some lovely things.

Ravelry - International Scarf Swap

3/22 - Design is done, Scarf is done!  Yeah, and I love it I hope my Ravelry Pal does to.  Now, my thoughts run to packaging and waiting for Ravelry to say "SEND".  Actually, exchanged emails with my Pal and it's going on Winter in Australia and she says they have had a very long summer and are ready for some cool air.  Our winter is coming to a close and it's certainly welcomed it's been a loooooong one!

3/04-The colors are picked and the winners are the classic Teal and Brown!  I have a design drafted out on paper, hopefully it will come together the way I want it to.  Looked at yarn yesterday and still looking didn't see exactly what I was looking for so maybe a trip to Newark.

My scarf will be made by a lady in Switzerland! I have been researching and designing (in my head mostly) what scarf I will make for my friend in Australia. Thinking about her favorite colors and making combinations. Busy brain! Stay tuned! I will post a picture as soon as I h…

Indie Biz Chicks

Learn how to De-Clutter your Biz! Their going to show us how...CHECK IT OUT!

Winter Wind is my friend

Winter is still coming on strong, so thought I would start out positive this morning. My Mom who is in Arkansas tells me I have another winter snow storm heading East. Will we get it here, we'll see in a few hours.

This means the CRAFTING can continue, layered and snug in my winter garb to spend the day in my craft room, maybe crocheting, writing up a pattern for a new friend or just blogging!

Have a good day everyone.


Survived the Monster Storm as it brushed through Mid-Ohio. I have to say we are very fortunate in Mt. Vernon, Ohio as I watch the aftermath news after being without power for only 35 hours. My prayers go out to those that still are without, it's no fun.

Missed my Zibbet, Etsy, Facebook friends a lot!

All the best to all of you :)

Gratefully warm in Mid-Ohio


What a great place to share the world of knit and crochet! Recently joined in the fun to do an International Scarf Swap can't wait to communicate with my partner somewhere in the world.