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WOW, I WAS GONE FOR 2 MONTHS!  Didn't know I would be gone that long.  I had a great time catching up with family.  Found out my Sister loves to weave and dabble in clay, can't wait to see her results.  My brother is beginning/building a plant nursery (he has plenty of help he says as he looks his son in the eye).  My brother-in-law loves to play Phase 10, actually let me win the last night I was there!  It was hard to hug my Mom goodbye we shared so much together over those two months, and got lots of important stuff done like getting all our old movies onto a digital format, it's going to be great seeing the movies her and my Dad took over the years.

All in all a super good time and I found that YES I can drive across this great country of ours and what a blast it was. 

Going over my checklist for my trip across country tomorrow, YEAH!  Toothbrush, hairbrush, socks, more shoes, shorts because it's warmer there, jeans at least 3 pair, check check check.......!  Oh, a…

Figuring Taxes and Investments

I've learned if you don't have a calculator you won't be very good at these!

When it rains.....

it Pours!  My poor son and his little family (wife, 3 small children, 2 dogs, 3 cats) homeless after a pipe burst in the attic.  Unfortunately, they were gone all day.  Can you even imagine!  So, if you think your life wasn't full enough and something like this happens, well like the saying goes "S%$#!@T Happens!"

God bless them.


About Sisters.  I am blessed to have two.  We are related but we are truly three very different people. Our interests are different.  Our thoughts are certainly different.  Our goals are too.  When I look at my sisters and contemplate who I am, a dimension is realized.  I'm special too, in my difference.  I love you and hold you dear to my heart every day, God Bless our Sisters.

Magic's First Etsy Treasury

Placement no.5

Lovely Alphabet Blanket in a Treasury

Placement no.9

Magic Blanket in a Treasury

Placement no.8

Alphabet Cube in a Treasury

Placement no.9