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Annual Chain Link Conference in Greensboro, NC

What a wonderful comprehensive conference, I'm still recovering.

Took lots of classes; Bullion Stitch, Aran Crochet, Hairpin Lace, Double Hook, Tunisian Crochet by the end of the conference I was creating new stitches because everything started to mush together!

Met lots of wonderful women, both professionals and hobbyists and shared everything under the sun about this craft we call Knit and Crochet.  I plan to call many of them friends and mentors for a long time.

Join CGOA and come play in Reno in 2012!

Followed my 1st Hairpin Lace Instructions!

A big thank you to Margret Willson for this great pattern.  Being a newbie at this craft I was thrilled and proud of me when I finished this lovely bookmark.  I will make again because I see where I interpreted her instructions differently and can correct on my second one.  Quick and easy and fun!  Looks like I'll be adding a "Hairpin Lace" folder to my library!

Follow my Progress making Hairpin Lace!

Learning a new skill which takes some of the pressure off my fingers for awhile!  I used to cringe when I saw pics of Hairpin Lace but to be honest it's not that difficult.  My lovely man whipped up a loom for me yesterday and by the end of the night I had 4-70 loop strips!

All this is homework for my Beginning Hairpin Lace class at the 2011 Knit & Crochet Conference the end of this month....can't wait!  Their going to teach us different ways to assemble these strips and I will have a lovely little purse when we're done.

After reading more detailed instructions found on Wee Folk Art website, I do have to go back and count BOTH sides of each strip to make sure I have the correct number of stitches and then I read to roll them up so they don't twist for when I'm ready to assemble them so off I go!

How to make a Portfolio?

Never made a portfolio before and it's kicking my butt!  Lots of design time and printing but I think it's coming along ok.  Really need to have this done before I leave for Greensboro, NC to the CGOA Conference.  You never know who you might meet and I'm on the hunt for Editors :)

CGOA Fall Knit & Crochet Show

I have decided to attend.  Not a decision made easily as its a 7 hour drive for me but hey live, live live :)

I've also signed up for some kick-butt classes to really expand my knowledge:

Full of Bullion (If you've never tried this stitch it will scare you blind!  The instructor is going to "make it easy!"
Double Hook Crochet
Knit & Purl with your Crochet
Aran Crochet
Hairpin Lace

All are so exciting, I can't planning what clothes to take!