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Don't ask me for a receipt!

I don't know what this says about me, but the "Walmart welcome person" getting decked for asking an exiting customer for a receipt made me LMAO!  Mind you I do not advocate violence against anyone ever, that is not a solution to the problem.

I think I laughed because that policy has irritated me for a long time.  It makes me feel like a criminal.  On the other hand I'm happy this person has a job but seriously some people take exception to waiting in a long line to get checked out, or waiting in an even longer line to check yourself out then have someone step up to you (like at the airport) to have you show your proof of purchase, what are you thinking?  This person is only say 50 feet from where I just checked out so really?  Really?  REALLY?

Shame on Walmart for putting this person in harms way.

Baby Lambs

A day at the farm with the new ones is always so special!

Don't be Fooled

Don't be fooled by the bear.  Sure she's all cute and cuddly snuggling up to that pretty blue blanket.  She does bite every now and again, I've seen it.  I'm sure she just does it to get attention of course.  Doesn't mean anything by it.  Left alone, gets lonely so keep her occupied Blogging, Tweeting, Facebook and creating for Etsy and she's happy again, but, for how long?  The winter is too long and the hibernation must come to an end!


Book Frenzy

The 50,000+ book sale is still going on this weekend!  Went a week ago and couldn't pick anything up for days my arms were so sore from moving boxes around.  This warehouse literally has more books than I've ever seen outside a bookstore.  Picked up a few treasures from the early 1800's, love it!  Deciding to go back but wow, am I ready for the pain too?!  I know, "no pain no gain" so off I go :)

What's the secret?

Click the title and discover more than you may have expected!  lol
All the best MamaWitch! 

Etsy People Search Policy

Oh my, I don't know what to think.  Has the damage already been done?  Will buyers not buy now because they are still worried about Etsy's next move?  The ability to search sales by persons name is not appropriate and I can't imagine why Etsy would have allowed this functionality into their site strategy.  So, will I move my shop?  I'm still on the fence right now.  I like to give folks a chance to make it right, but will be monitoring closely.

How to take Anna Down?

On "V" Anna is always one step ahead!  And poor Ty!  Last nights season ending was great but disturbing, Erica doesn't know about her son yet nor that Lisa has been entombed.  Can't wait till they start the season again!

Gas prices and my business

I am so worried about shipping costs going up even more due to the gas price escalation.  I personally have  made decisions not to order something because I can't afford the item + the cost of shipping.  Also, I can no longer afford to buy something on vacation and bring it back in airplane luggage because of their baggage fees.  This can't be good for our domestic economy.

Craft Store Pat Catan's Grand Opening this weekend in Mount Vernon, OH

Well Pat Catan's won out!  Enjoyed going through the store again and signing up for the contests and prizes.  Have a new craft idea in mind so spent some time thinking about components and planning planning.........

Now I have two things competing!  The Women's Expo in Columbus and Pat Catan's here in town!  Love them both and will try to attend both!  Nice try but snowed last night and don't want to drive it.  So, in to town I will go!  It's great having a craft store so close that has so many things to choose from.  The projects they promote are endless and there are even quite a few from my early years "macrame'" oh my!

Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair

My calendar is getting filled in finally after such a long dry winter!

The Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair is going to be in the next town over!  Newark, Ohio in August.  I have never been to one of these, but the rumble they create is huge.  I have much to think about, what Vendors are going to be there, Needle Suppliers?, Yarn Suppliers?, Neat Machine Suppliers?  Start saving all the penny's now I think!
More to come on this topic as we get closer!

American Idol

I was right Scotty took the prize and well deserved too!

3/04-Scotty is still in the running.  I guess I'm just partial to country but I love his looooow voice.

Wow, are there some truly unique, lovely voices this year.  I'm making my list of fav's, right now it's that sultry country boy :) Scotty, you ROCK!