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Can't buy my yarn

That's right we have to buy a new vehicle so we can go GET my yarn! HAHA The truck broke down AGAIN and is sitting in a very snowy, icy parking lot. So, would I spend thousands of dollars just to buy a skein of yarn? You BETCHA :)


Met the sweetest Alpaca down the street from me at "Hobo Alpaca Farm" named Banjo. You know I never knew Alpaca's can't eat apples, what a shame because we have so many apple trees around here. Banjo is a runt and is very small for an Alpaca, cute as ever with black, some brown and a patch of white. While I was visiting to hand over bags of apples, that the horses and goat will eat, the owners showed me how to "dry felt" with a tool that has some nasty looking hooks/needles coming out of it. So NEAT, but I have enough trouble keeping on track without starting another craft! But, I won't forget how to do it...some day you never know!

Winter Kitty

Watch what you wish for! One afternoon my Sig-other mentioned that since we moved to Ohio and couldn't bring our animals with us, he is missing not having a pet; meaning dog. Well, then about a month later here comes this little kitty one night. Up onto the kitchen window sill that was barely wide enough to hold him, peering in at us with these lovely green eyes. Now another month later he is now "named, has a kitty litter box, big bag of food, huge water bowl and sleeps on his lap". We are trying to find his owner as he is declawed but for now at least he is warm.

Top 10 reasons to create Etsy FAVS

Added a page called "MY FAVS" to capture my Etsy Favorites. I LOVE ETSY favorites! Here's why: 1.Great reminder of possible gift ideas for birthdays.2.Great tickler list of things I want to purchase.3.MY FAVS is a great gift source for ME!4.Tickler list for new Treasuries.5.Reminders to contact these owners about their products.6. Great way to tell other crafters I LIKE them.7. An address book of sorts of shops I want to visit periodically.8.Creates inspiration!9.A great color palate for my ideas too.10.See number 3 above!Don't hesitate to come back often and check these out, you never know we may have the same taste.

2013 Resolutions

Get organized! OKAY, not a new resolution because I'm sure I've made that one before. I look around my "crochet office" and I see chaos everywhere and mind you "I just organized" a week ago! I get inspired and all hell breaks loose. So, I'm looking for tips, how do you keep all these projects organized so you can complete the last one that took center stage. Not complaining, I'm luckier than most I do have bins, shelves, a table, couple of chairs, plastic bags filled with on-going but not going on projects. So, I'll make another new resolution! To keep no more than 5? projects going at the same time! Well, as you know if you design that I can't keep that one either. Keep CROCHETING to keep smiling!