Gorgeous Sunshine

Have to enjoy this gorgeous respite from the dismal grey weather we've been having here in Mid-Ohio...today is wonderfully yellow!


Because blogging is such a mystery to me seeing the number "2000" on my counter this morning is pretty awesome!  I don't like to say the word "resolution" because I think that somehow ties me to a responsibility rather than the free spirit I try to be, but I did write it down at the beginning of the year!  Keep visiting, I promise to make your pit stop interesting, educational or just plan fun.  God bless you all.

I once spent 7 hours

I am book crazy!  I admit it.  You get this title if you have ever spent 7 hours going through boxes, I mean literally boxes of books looking for 1 thing, CRAFT BOOKS!

Having done this a few years ago, makes me yearn to do it again.  But this is a once in a lifetime moment, there are no seconds.

The story begins with a young couple purchasing a three story building right off our square downtown.  The building was vacant for a long time and the little cafe restaurant on the first floor, facing the towns square was closed.  Left behind in the building was a treasure trove of books.  Many ruined from years of neglect; rain from a leaky roof, others torn and crushed from other falling books, mold and mildew galore.  There were school books, workbooks, children's primers, coloring books, college course books, novels, vintage books and so much more in subjects of math, literature, poetry, music, history and crafts.  All this, 10's of thousands of books left in the third floor apartment.  You can't imagine the scope of it.  What was this collector thinking?  What was its purpose?  What was the goal?  The owners were faced with moving an entire local library of books from a third floor apartment with twelve foot ceilings to where?!

Probably mortified at first and then motivated to move these books, offering them to the public.  What could it hurt?  The public would carry them down the stairs and out as there was no elevator and the owners would maybe make a little redecorating money.  They began filling boxes with books that were good enough to offer, black bagging those beyond repair.  Can you imagine what got thrown away?

For those attending this "weekend" event couldn't have realized what was in store for them.  The sheer numbers of books, 10's of thousands, I'm not making this up, I will try to describe.  Walking into that apartment to be met with nothing more than rows of boxes stacked three and four deep sometimes five around the perimeter, down make shift aisles, in the hallway, on the stairs, boxes everywhere!

All one could do in that moment was stop and stare at it.  Going through my mind was "where in the world do I start". I glanced at someone going through a box, picking up books, putting them down or into other boxes, with a quick glance and grin up at me as if to say "start anywhere you want but stay away from here!"  Mind you there was no order, no catalog, no system of separating subjects.  Your on your own!

The owner of this establishment smiled and offers up an empty box.

Well, I think you can get the picture of the next 7 hours.  If you are a diehard book lover, you woke up in book heaven.  Others literally RAN out of the room appalled at the chaos around them, we just laughed.
There was a little bit of comraderie even with those of us settling in calling out things like "If you find a yarn book, airplane book, chemistry book,........let me know?"

I did find craft books and even a few very old books just to enjoy such as; "Lyrics of the Hearthside" by Paul Laurence Dunbar dated 1899, "Standard Arithmetic"  by William J. Milne dated 1911, "Wagons Away!" by Phillips and Wilson dated 1941, "History of the United States" by Mrs. Helen W. Pierson dated 1889.  Others around me found other nuggets just as wonderful to have and enjoy!  Books are books are books, I love them all.

You make me

BLUSH!  Happy Valentine's Day my friends!

You have to meet this Horse named...

DAN!  Spent the largest part of the afternoon in yesteryear and came across this posting.  While I was living in Northern California I happened to pick up a very old scrapbook chocked full of articles about San Francisco as well as articles the original owner clipped on the latest inventions (like the cordless iron!), poems and politics, all dating between 1935 and 1936.  I've chosen to share some of these with you because they are so special.  So, I hope you enjoy this one especially because I so can relate to his companion!  You will probably need to double click on the pic to make bigger to read this lovely article.  I know I will get back to crocheting but for today well....I have a lot of reading to do!

Saturday BLAHS!

Have you ever woke up and nothing seems to come together?  From laying aside yesterday's project to start something new, only to have other distractions take precedent?  Is it the cosmos, the allure of the book I started last night while curling up under the covers or the bright sunshine this morning beckoning to me to lay everything aside in a heap and go outside?  Well, it is still 30 deg out there, that's not very inviting but at least the snow is melting off leaving patches of green.  I can't complain too much, my hubby is not having a good time either as the truck still won't start and he's been working on it for a week.  What to do what to do.

My Granddaughter is a Girl Scout

Where does the time go when all of a sudden your 1st Grandchild is a full fledged Girl Scout and selling cookies!  Sent her a really cute Girl Scout apron from Etsy and she loved it enough to send me this lovely thank you card.  Loved it!

Japanese Wisteria

Can any plant more resemble Avatar than Japanese Wisteria in full bloom? We had many of these plants at one time, now looking again to add to our Mid-Ohio garden, can't wait for Spring!

Celebrate National Crochet Month

Don't you just love that there is a month to celebrate this FAV craft! Perfect timing to get ready for Spring and Summer goodies!  I can't wait to take this tour down Crochet Lane!  What better way to enjoy my coffee breaks visiting my friends and fellow crocheters participating in this Crochetville event, heh! and I don't even have to get dressed up!!!!!