Ravelry - International Scarf Swap

3/22 - Design is done, Scarf is done!  Yeah, and I love it I hope my Ravelry Pal does to.  Now, my thoughts run to packaging and waiting for Ravelry to say "SEND".  Actually, exchanged emails with my Pal and it's going on Winter in Australia and she says they have had a very long summer and are ready for some cool air.  Our winter is coming to a close and it's certainly welcomed it's been a loooooong one!

3/04-The colors are picked and the winners are the classic Teal and Brown!  I have a design drafted out on paper, hopefully it will come together the way I want it to.  Looked at yarn yesterday and still looking didn't see exactly what I was looking for so maybe a trip to Newark.

My scarf will be made by a lady in Switzerland! I have been researching and designing (in my head mostly) what scarf I will make for my friend in Australia. Thinking about her favorite colors and making combinations. Busy brain! Stay tuned! I will post a picture as soon as I have it.

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