Top 10 reasons to create Etsy FAVS

Added a page called "MY FAVS" to capture my Etsy Favorites. I LOVE ETSY favorites! Here's why: 1.Great reminder of possible gift ideas for birthdays. 2.Great tickler list of things I want to purchase. 3.MY FAVS is a great gift source for ME! 4.Tickler list for new Treasuries. 5.Reminders to contact these owners about their products. 6. Great way to tell other crafters I LIKE them. 7. An address book of sorts of shops I want to visit periodically. 8.Creates inspiration! 9.A great color palate for my ideas too. 10.See number 3 above! Don't hesitate to come back often and check these out, you never know we may have the same taste.

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