Every time I think...

I'm going to get ahead, more wonderful ideas pop into my head!  It is the strength of character and personal diligence that keep one on track to complete those other wonderful ideas before more playing with crochet hook and yarn can begin.  Lately, I'm thinking small.  Small items versus making blankets which I love making but my creativity is leaning on the small side with some new and inventive creativity.  I will share but for now they have to rest on the rails until I can devote time to them.  Not to mention its Spring, so the grass, birds, bulbs, lawn mower, work gloves and tired muscles are also clamoring for some yard time....my dirt caked clothes from yesterday are tumbling in the dryer as I write this so off I go, there's only about a 6 foot section left to be opened up.  Have a super day everyone with whatever catches your fancy.

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