In-Gauge'ing Conversation

"To Gauge or not to Gauge" that is the question....

"Why do I need to In-Gauge?"
"How to get my Hook to In-Gauge?"
"Do I In-Gauge before or after the project?"
"What if I don't want to be In-Gauge'd?"

Gauge in crochet is important my mentors demand! How will you know how much yarn your design will take? How will you know what size your design will be? Okay, OKAY! I'll admit it and accept that gauge is important, I can't ignore it any longer. But, dang not so simple for a fledgling! I'm not a math expert by a long shot and the calculator isn't talking to me. So, what to do about this important element of designing?

STUDY...STUDY...STUDY! I have found Edie Eckman's little book "The Crochet Answer Book" to be most enlightening on many subjects including gauge. And, I started comparing how others write up gauge instructions in patterns. It is interesting how differently they are presented, I included some below. I did not include hook size or yarn weight (gasp!) because this is a study in gauge writing, I KNOW hook size and yarn weight is important, what intrigues me is the language used.

Booties = RNDS 1-3 = 3"L x 1 1/4"W
Wrap = 2 pattern repeats and 9 rows = 5 1/4"
Pants = 6 hdc = 1"
Accessory = 5 sc = 2" and 6 rounds = 2"
Yarn mfg = 18 stitches x 24 rows = 4"x4"

So, the conclusion here is? I really need to study more, delve deeper into Gauge and become In-Gauge'd with Gauge.

Sigh, I love my mentors even though you may not know it!

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